Leena Patel
Gerard Vandervegt
I loved it. Deserving academy award winner.
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Leena Patel
This has to be a 'Must See' film. It was brilliant in the cinema. The impact of the pauses almost feel like you are actually physically there.
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I am yet to see this film but it looks brilliant in the trailers and reviews!
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Will Morrison
Slavery is still happening today but in a different way. I think it was very clever of Steven McQueen to bring up such a subject
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Content Rating: 13+
Posted 17th February 2014
12 Years A Slave ...

12 Years A Slave


Steve McQueen’s finest film yet positionshis signature of painterly style compositions and dexterous long takes to influenceunflinchingly painful truths about slavery and the events that occurred inhistory.



The year is 1841, Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor) lives as a proud, freeblack man in Saratoga, New York along with his wife Anne (Kelsey Scott), and two children. Northup isa very well educated; he is clearly a cultured man who is also able to play theviolin extremely well. Solomon is exceptionally contented with his life;unfortunately, the normality of their exultant life is disrupted abruptly.


While his wife leaves for several weeks, Solomon isenjoying the solace he finds in playing his violin with a circus of sorts. Thisis the location where he is recruited by Brown and Hamilton. With a strong mindset, the two men drug Solomon after what appears to be an innocent dinnerevening. Tragically awakening to chains on his arms and legs that are securedto the floor, Solomon’s confusion soon dissipates as he is drowned into a worldof slavery where there appears to be no means of escaping or contacting hisfamily.


  The "12 Years a Slave" chronicles portraythe grizzly harsh truth of Solomon's hell as he desperately tries to survivethe terrible afflictions of slavery.  


The film collates a group of excellent actors; eachbecoming their role to providing a believable mimesis to the viewers.Fastbender and Ejiofor are the two most under rated British actors who mostdefinitely should be recognized for their supporting roles in the film.


The symbolic stills and the long unflinching takes -impacts the viewer’s strongly, it is similar to Steve McQueen’s previous workswhich convey his unique visual statement. The audience is captivated from thevery beginning; reeling one into this journey Solomon is subjected by force totravel. We, as the viewer, immediately feel and understand his anguishes.


12 Years a Slave will pull you through a roller-coasterof emotional trials; shredding your mortality, forcing you to experience,respect and face the difficulties without remorse …