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Posted 20th February 2015
The Emancipation of the Knee
Chapter 0

Their euphoria about the precision with which

knowledge of the knee joint could inform predictions

about many aspects of the human organism

– for instance, the dimensions of the bones and the

cavities between them could yield body length and lifespan

and there were already indications as to the

sexual and political tempers and the economy of ideas–

was, after a few months of intensive research, dampened

when it appeared that the knee also supplied various

measurements which no known method of conversion

could attribute to any aspect of human life.

While most of them, with waning zeal, continued their

search for increasingly improbable possibilities of connection,

the more dour among them were overwhelmed by sadness

that the perfect proportions behind the knee-cap had

apparently not been granted a counterpart in the rest of the body.

They set out to design a new body for the knee

that would in all aspects be a reflection of thatlogic

that surpasses all human comprehension,

at the centre of which the knee itself would have a

position where, without interference of the senses,

it could develop its own system of perception

for the establishment of a ruthlessness of action.

Via extensive selection, the person to be awarded theright

to donate his knee for transplantation was appointed,

and under the jealous eyes of his colleagues he could see

how the most exquisite element of his anatomy

was mounted on the crossing of the nine limbs,

each with its own distinctive function and dimensions.

From behind armoured glass, they could witness how

the new creature was awakened inside a bunker.

For five days, nothing could be seen but random

spasms and on the sixth day, all was quiet.

Was it preparing itself for its unfathomable deeds

or was it simply unable to force its body into motion?

On the seventh day, unannounced and in a way

for which their designs did not supply the conditions,the

contraption rose, and hovered there for a few tentative moments,

then fell back and damaged itself irredeemably.

perfection, they told each other, is of limited term.